Hi all,


So I’ve decided to start a blog this time around as I get back into poker.  I really enjoy reading other players blogs and hope that by getting more involved in the poker community I wont get bogged down with staying at the same level and not improving my game.

A little background

So, I’m 28, live in London, England and am currently in my 5th year at Imperial College London studying medicine.  I first got involved in poker in 2006, when I was at Warwick University.  Home games mostly but I spun a bankroll on Full Tilt up to about $350……….until it was frozen because all the High Rollers in Vegas were using players deposits as their piggy bank.  I pretty much stopped playing online (apart from messing around bit on my PKR account from time to time) until this year…….

Why did I stop?

In my second year at university I was still playing the microstakes and realised I was missing out hugely on university life to sit in my room and play a game.  I started becoming results orientated and realised I wasn’t enjoying the game anymore………This time around I’ve realised how important it is to view poker as a hobby and not really think of the money as money but more as a measure of success in improving and being able to play at higher stakes.  I've also realised that spending time engaging with the community is an essential part of enjoying poker, in the same way as I enjoy watching tennis and talking about as well as playing it.

Where am I at?

So, my PKR bankroll is currently $180.  I put $20 on years ago but have only recently had much success with a few tourney wins meaning my bankroll is now looking healthy.  I only ever play tourneys on this account as the rake is horrible and I don’t have rakeback   It's great as a classic "drunk" account and I have a few other friends who play on it so we can all play together.

When deciding to get back into multitabling cash I decided to put £20 on “Ladbrokes”, which is part of the microgaming network.  After starting off playing 10NL (euros) I almost lost it and was down to £6 I have since then been playing 4NL for the last few months, about 4/5 times a week and now have a BR of £62.  My plan is to grind this up to £100 or so and then move to probably Stars or Tilt as my rakeback application for Ladbrokes didn’t go through as I already had the software installed……………>

Help! - Any thoughts what site to move to guys?  I was worried Stars might be more reg infested but since American Government decided to stop people playing cards online I’ve heard its ok.  Whilst I can always get decent traffic at Ladbrokes I think the promotions would be better at Stars and since rakeback has all but disapeared I may as well get involved in a site which supports a VIP system........oh how I miss my 27% rakeback at Tilt 

Is poker a healthy hobby??

Lastly, I am still debating in my head how healthy a hobby poker is.  I obviously have limited recreational time, alongside studying.  I also play tennis 2 or 3 times a week.  Add to that a hobby that involves more sitting in front of a computer or at a card table for 8 or so hours a week and you have to question whether, when considering the emotional highs and lows that poker can produce, whether it actually is adding to overall life happiness.  In a later post I might talk about some of the pros and cons of playing poker.  Another future post will be about my first live tourney I went to at a local poker club last weekend.

Thanks for reading guys, I’m going to keeping posting about stuff but would really enjoy and questions or discussions in the comments!

Take Care and good luck at the tables!