Currently 67 of 264 in the PSO freeroll. Tried to turn my winnings from last tournament into a little more and lost half of it. Entered the 99 table sng for $.02. Finished close to the money but no cigar. I will be saving up now for the $.10 sngs to try to run them to make some money...they are pretty soft tourneys, so I should be able to get some money in the right direction. I have tried the hyper 99 tables and they are more luck than skill, so I am officially marking them off of the list of things to do. Well back to the tourney after break... 200 something money this time, but should have got some more points toward the cause...made the right play, but got drawn out on...that's poker for ya. Happens once in a while in poker...cant win them all Well, checking out for tonight...will post tomorrow about new standings. Good luck on the felts ladies and gents.