The October Premier League has wrapped up and it is now time to look at the various statistics for the league in October and since the league began in August.   October marked the first month that players who had been relegated after the first month could earn their way back into the league. There were 139 players that had been relegated and returned to the league in October.   The number of players who have played in the Premier League in every month has dropped below 500. There are 489 players who have been in the top flight since the beginning.   The top players for the month of October were h00h00 from Switzerland, machin1111 from Germany and sveo1d from Russia. They had all been battling at the top of the leaderboard for weeks.    The top 3 players for the first 3 months of the Premier League were determined based on the final ranking score for all players for each month. If a player did not play in the league during one of the months, they were given a score of 0 for that month. This does tend to tip the scales towards players who have been in the league since the beginning. Fear not, beginning next year there will be a yearly top players as well as an all time and monthly top players.   Based on average ranking for the first 3 months, the top 3 players were machin1111 from Germany, josesa1956 from Spain and Pentire from the UK. All 3 have an average ranking of more than 1800 points. That demonstrates quality over an extended period. Bravo.   Since the Premier League began, 2,582 players have participated in at least one PL tournament. These players came from 80 different countries. In October, there were players from 5 countries that had not yet had a representative in the PL. These countries are Bangladesh, Guernsey, Kyrgyzstan, Montenegro and Mauritius.   The 3 most represented countries in the October PL were Germany, Russia and Spain, while the most represented countries for the 3 months of the PL were Germany, Spain and Canada.   The top countries for the month of October, based on the average of player rankings, were South Africa, Indonesia and Montenegro. Overall the top 3 countries have been Macedonia, Montenegro and South Africa.   For this last part, I am not sure if I am out of bounds or not. One of the things I started thinking about was where the money that PokerStars in generously supplying the league heading off to. I think I am generally ok reporting on players and countries, but once you start talking money... I guess weíll find out if this post makes it out. I don't want to report on winnings per player however I will say that PokerStars has sent over $15,000 to Germany since the PL began while sending more than $7,000 to Spain and almost $7,000 to Ukraine.   I am also wondering if anyone is interested in seeing what the cutoff points are. The cutoff points are the positions you need to finish in to achieve a goal. The ones I am focusing on are 800th place in the PL (to re-qualify), 500th place (to win money) 79th place (next level up in the money) and 20th place (where the real money starts). There are now 3 months of tournament information and there were a different number of tournaments in each month. It should be possible to start predicting with some accuracy where a player needs to be to reach their next goal.    I actually tried an example of this in the October PL. After a fast start where I had a 10th and 2nd place finish in my first 3 tournaments, I had a terrible next 10 tournaments. This had the effect of dropping my ranking faster than Lindsay Lohan's pants (OK that one was out of bounds, right?). I had a ranking of about 1550 at the time. I determined that 1590 would be needed to make the top 500 and thus earn some money. On October 16th I reached 1589 and decided to stop playing for the month. At the time, I was in the top 100. After all was said and done, I finished in 486th, a mere 3 points off the eventual cutoff of 1586 points. I don't know if anyone else thinks like this but I am betting there are. If you are interested, drop me a line and I'll get to work.   Til next month. Fuzzy