Thanks to everyone who sent along nice messages about my post on the August Premier league numbers. It was nice to see so many people who are interested in the makeup of the league. Here are the stats from the September Premier league, and a very early preview of the October PL.

One person asked how I got all the data I am about to report on. I have built a spreadsheet that pulls all the data from the leaderboard which includes the country, the player's name and their final score. This has made it a lot easier than what I did the first month, which was to copy all the data by hand.

1,424 players participated in the September PL. 784 of those players also participated in the August PL.

Players from 69 countries played at least tournament in September. All 6 populated continents were represented. 

Number of players by continent:
Europe 987
South America 184
North America 182
Asia 52
Oceania 16 
Africa 3

Number of players by country:
Germany 338
Spain 142
Russia 133
Canada 125
United Kingdom 103
Argentina 81
Ukraine 39
Mexico 35
Romania 30
Peru 25
Belarus, Poland 24
Colombia 23
Brazil 22
Czech Republic, Hungary, Venezuela 15
Latvia 13
Austria, Australia 11
Kazakhstan, Philippines, Taiwan 10
Bulgaria, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Uruguay 9
Estonia, Ireland, Serbia, Sweden 8
Switzerland, Guatemala 7
Costa Rica 6
Denmark, New Zealand 5
Slovenia, Chile 4
South Africa, Israel, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Dominican Republic 3
Hong Kong, Japan, Finland, Greece, Croatia, Honduras, El Salvador, Bolivia, Ecuador 2
Indonesia, India, Singapore, Uzbekistan, China, South Korea, Moldova, Macedonia, Norway, Turkey, Cayman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, Paraguay 1

The top countries by average ranking in September
Trinidad & Tobago

Once we have one more month completed, I'll add details on how each country has performed overall throughout the duration of the PL.

Congratulations to Lord VanGOG for winning the Septmber PL. I had the opportunity to play with Lord VanGOG only once. I remember this well because VanGOG was driving me nuts. He was sitting at my right and kept making moves before I could. I did not do well in that tournament.

Congratulations also to ElGocho1 and MagicDavid89 for finishing second and third respectively. 

Looking at the first two months combined the top player, based on average ranking, is August PL winner Alen-Gricko from Serbia, who has averaged over 1860 points each month. Not far behind are woodybhoy from the United Kingdom, didi_yyy from Colombia and toodleping from the United Kingdom. 

We are only a few days into October but 1,259 players have already played in at least one tournament. Of that group, 432 players have played in all 3 months.

There are also a few new countries being represented in the October PL. Bangladesh, Mauritius, Guernsey and Montenegro.

That's all for now. Good luck to everyone in the coming month.