In part 1 I did a breakdown of the number of players from each country and continent. Now here in part 2 I am going to report on some of the (I think) more interesting numbers from the August PL.

I think there were 87 tournaments in August. (If that's not right, can someone correct me?) One player played in 81 tournaments. 36 players participated in at least 60 tournaments in the month. 49 players who had tickets to play in the PL did not play in a single tournament. 112 players played in 1 to 4 tournaments and thus did not qualify for this month's league.

There were a total of 33,167 tournament entries in the month which gives an average of 381 players per tournament. The average points earned per player per tournament was 2.3.

The top 3 players were:
First went to Alen-Gricko formerly with a Russian flag, currently flying a Serbian flag. I have played with Alen and he or she is the real deal. Smart, makes good bets at the right time. 
jkarlos001 from Colombia finished second.
My fellow countryman Koukla13 finished third.

On a per-tournament basis (determined by final ranking minus 1500 divided by the number of tournaments entered, minimum 5 tournaments) the top players were:
German aNo#nYm_aaa who averaged more than 26 points per tournament entered.
Spaniard miguelrubio finished second and also averaged more than 26 points per tournament entered.
German paddy8989 finished third at just over 23 points per tournemant.
91 players averaged at least 10 points per tourney.

The top countries based on average ranking of players were:
Macedonia in first with an unbeatable average of 1940.
Second went to Switzerland with a very impressive average of 1756.
Third place goes to Japan with an average over 1694.
There were 12 countries with an average over 1600.

The top countries based on average points per tournament were:
Switzerland in first at over 11 points per tourney entered.
Macedonia finished second and also averaged over 11 points per tourney entered.
Hong Kong finished third while averaging more than 6 points per tourney entered.
8 countries averaged at least 5 points per tournament.

Finally, The top continent based on average ranking was Africa. South America finished second while Oceania finished third. 

For points per tournament, Africa again finished first, with South America in second and Asia finishing third.

I warned you I was a nerd. Thanks for reading.