I should start off by warning everyone that I am huge numbers geek. Perhaps this is why I play poker. My full time job involves analyzing very large data sets in the aviation industry. After the August Premier League had finished, I started wondering about some of the data that is freely available in the leaderboard. Here are some of the things I found.

1,451 players participated in the August PL. 71 different flags were flown by players in the PL. All 6 inhabited continents were represented. I guess no one from the South pole research station managed to qualify for the PL.

Not surprisingly, European players were the majority of PL players, while Africa had a single representative. Here is the breakdown by continent.
Europe 989 players
North America 211 players (includes Central America)
South America 174 players
Asia 59 players
Oceania 17 players
Africa 1 player

At the country level, Germany was the most represented and it wasn't even close. 22 countries had at least 10 players in the PL.

Here is the complete list starting with the total number of players, then the countries
454 players from Germany
180 players from Spain
171 players from Canada
133 players from the United Kingdom
74 players from Argentina
54 players from Russia
26 players from Colombia
25 players from Peru
23 players from Mexico
19 players each from Romania and Ukraine
18 players from Poland
16 players from Austria
14 players each from Netherlands and Uruguay
13 players from Brazil
12 players from Portugal
11 players each from Philippines, Australia and Venezuela
10 players each from Belarus and Czech Republic
9 players from Ireland
7 players each from Iran, Taiwan, Croatia, Lithuania, Guatemala and Chile
6 players each from Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Switzerland and New Zealand
5 players each from Israel, Denmark, Estonia and Hungary
4 players each from Slovenia and Costa Rica
3 players each from India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia and Sweden
2 players each from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Finland, Greece, Bolivia, Norway and Turkey
1 player from Morocco, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Iceland, Macedonia, Moldova, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Netherland Antilles, Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador and Paraguay

 In part 2, I am going to give out some awards (in name only, there is no money) to the top continents, countries and players for overall ranking, and ranking points earned per tournament. Spoiler alert! The country with the highest average ranking is going to be Macedonia. Their lone entrant did finish 5th overall so that one is guaranteed.