How has everyone been finding the new PLQ tourneys? I played in a bunch of them on Monday and found that the play is better than the Open league. Not great, mind you, but certainly better than the donk parade we are faced with in OL. After an hour, about 45% of the players remain. This is fairly consistent with what I have found in the MTT tourneys over the years. I suppose now that people are risking their own money, they play a little better. 

I like the new promotion from PSO concerning Boot Camp and free tickets to the WCOOP qualifiers. I've played in 2 WCOOP events, the 2004 7stud hi/lo and the 2005 7stud hi/lo. The play is so much more challenging than a regular MTT because the blinds rise slowly and the starting stacks are so big. In 2004, I had no idea what I was in for. My tournament last 10.5 hours. There was a 5 minute break every hour and a 15 minute break every 5 hours. It required a lot of patience and pre-planning, especially concerning food and bathroom breaks. I made the final table, finishing 5th, although I spent the first 4 hours of the tournament in last place. Not one person was knocked out of the tournament in the first 4 hours. The link to the results of the tourney can be found here.

In 2005 I was better prepared. I knew what I was getting into and was ready for it. I sold about 45% of my stake to friends and co-workers, then used that money to qualify in a satellite. I was lucky to spend several hours at the same table as Fossilman aka Greg Raymer who had won the WSOP the year before. He was a great guy to have at the table. Pretty friendly and prepared for the onslaught of haters who came to our table just to talk smack at him. He seemed to have a comeback for all of them. I also got to be the one to knock him out of the tournament. Chris Moneymaker was also in the tournament although we were never at the same table. He managed a third place finish while I had to settle for 32nd. The final results are here

I took a break from poker after the 2005 WCOOP because I thought I knew what I was doing and I was wrong. I cashed out some of the winnings but left the rest in my account. In one 2 day span, I lost $6,000 because I was playing at a table that was above my abilities. They crushed me, and fast. 

I am quite happy to have PSO available for players to get better. I think the slogan is my favourite part, "Home of Future Poker Stars". I hope that's true. I want for players here to evolve into truly great players and to start taking down the competition in both live and online tourneys everywhere. Not everyone will be able to do that, but it only takes a few.