Here it is, July 31. I have been avoiding the tournaments today. Decided to clean the house instead. Sadly this was long overdue. Based on the amount of forum posts concerning where people have to be to qualify for the Premier League, I imagine there are about 1000 people sweating it out in tournaments today. 

I had gotten to about 1100th place with 3 days left. Still didn't feel totally confident that 400 people wouldn't pass me. Had 3 straight negative point tournaments. One disappointing finish came when going all in with AA against 5 other all-ins. This was the first time I ever considered folding AA pre-flop. It seems so counter-intuitive. Yes I had the highest odds of winning of the other players but I did not have much more than about 50% chance of winning the hand. I did play the hand and got knocked out by the KJ. The next tournament had the same situation come up. I held AA against 3 all-ins, with 2 more aggressive (read: donks) left to play. I folded AA pre-flop. First time ever. It turned out well for me since the player with 46o won the hand.

After dropping back to 1450+ in the rankings, I had to play a little more like a clock runner for a couple of tournaments. I personally don't believe in running out the time bank every hand to slow the game down so I don't do that although I don't mind others who do it. I've seen some players run the clock right until the system folds for them on every hand. In one tourney earlier this month I had 2 players at my table like that. I got knocked out after two hours and my game stats showed I had played only 71 hands. My preferred method is to simply count to 5 before deciding what to do. It shouldn't seem like that runs much time but it seems to make a difference for me. Plus as an added bonus, I actually think a little more about the game. I hope I am learning patience. I don't know how long it will take to learn patience but I hope that day gets here soon. Ha!

Leading into last night I managed to claw my way back to about 1150 in the rankings. I feel much more comfortable now. Will only play in the 10+1 PSO monthly. I haven't played in a cash tourney since joining the school. I am curious to see if my play is different (better?) than it was in the past.