I have been reading some the member blogs and I have to say I am quite impressed with the quality of people who are members of PokerSchool. What impresses me is how honest people are being about themselves and poker. Sometimes when I play online, with everyone just faceless pixels and playing like lunatics or saying stupid things, I feel as though poker has changed too much in the internet age. I am enjoying that there are some normal people out there who are trying to get better. It makes me feel as though this community is growing and getting stronger.

5 straight 'in the money' finishes have allowed me to get into the top 1500. With just a few days left I feel pretty good about qualifying for the Premier League, assuming I don't go and do something stupid in the next couple of days.

I witnessed a wild flop a couple of days ago. We were getting close to the bubble, 2 players who had plenty of chips got into a raising war pre-flop. They did about 6 raises until someone was finally all in. The cards are turned over and it's JJ against AA. Pretty normal so far. The flop is JJA. Since we can see everyone's hand, there really wasn't any drama, except for whether the fourth ace might come on the trun or river. What got me to thinking was, if there was no all-in pre-flop and the two players were still in the dark about the other's hands, both of them would have rushed as fast as possible to get all their chips in. I tried to imagine what I would think as the player with AA. After the flop, I'd have the highest possible full house, only a 4 of a kind or straight flush could beat it. The 2 jacks being the only made hand that would be ahead at that point. I would probably be comfortable betting my car or house at that point. I would never believe that I was behind or could lose (despite the obvious possibilities, I would look past those). Good thing I wasn't in the hand.

I've noticed in the forums that people are assuming that those people who have less than 20 VPP won't be eligible for the Premier League next month but I am pretty sure that the VPP level listed on the leaderboard is the June VPP total not July. I am only basing that on the fact that my leaderboard listing shows 20VPP but I have collected 373 so far in July. If you are just outside the bubble and are hoping that some of the people ahead of you are not going to be eligible, I recommend trying to improve your ranking regardless. Better safe than stuck in the Open league next month.