It was a good night for poker. Yesterday I managed my top finish to date, 12th place. I followed the advice of other players who I have been chatting with or who have posted comments on this blog. The common theme is play tight. I went into the tourney hoping for a top 1000 finish. I had to grind just to get there. By about 1500 players left, I was only holding 2200 in chips and had never even been over 3000 to that point. I was more patient than I normally would be. I folded a number of 'just barely good enough to play' hands and waited. I also got exteremely lucky because I either won or chopped about 8 all-ins. I was up to about 5000 in chips by 1000 players left. I never had more than 2 to 8 BB but kept alive thanks to patience and lucky timing. Even when there were 15 players left I was the short stack by a significant margin. I had all of 40000 in chips with blinds of 12500 and 25000 with 2500 ante while everyone else at the table had a million or more chips. I still beat out a couple of them. I think I learned a lesson in patience. Ok I hope I learned. We'll see later tonight when I play again.