How does everyone like to play these tourneys? I have been getting some advice from other players. Everyone seems to have their own theories on the best way to play. The unknown elements of wildly loose players combined with the short starting stack and the rapid blind increases seem to make a single theory unworkable. The obvious goal is to finish as high as possible but to do that you need some chips relatively early. To play most hands early, you pretty much have to commit most if not all your stack and then you are usually only on a race situation or, worse, subject to some form of bad beat. And a quick exit in that fashion has a negative effect on your ranking. The alternative is to play overly tight, wait for the suckers to clear out and hope you have enough chips left to make a move. you'll finish higher but not nearly high enough to do anything more than tread water with your ranking. Is there a third option? I see some people sit out for extended stretches so they can move up without being tempted by some "supposedly" nice starting two cards. Any other choices? Some people near the top of the leaderboard repeatedly finish in the top 1000 every tourney they play. If they are getting involved early, they must have amazing luck not to get bounced early. If they are playing tight and coming up from behind later in the tourney, I applaud their skill because I sure can't seem to make that work. I did play with someone today who played a lot of hands. He built up a respectable stack and then gave me almost all of it on one hand. (thanks!). Then he built it all back up, becoming table leader again within about 40 hands. Then he gave them all away again to someone else. Once again he built back up from about 2 BB to being the table leader. A third time he gave them all away. That was the blow from which he could no longer come back but I have to give him credit. It was a hell of a performance.