Sometimes we can be too clever for our own sakes. The PokerSchool even teaches in the core course not to slow play hands, to get the chips out there because you'll win straight away or you'll get more chips. I chose to ignore that advice and it cost me. 

Sitting in the BB with AA. Raised 5 BB at 4 people. 3 callers. Flop was A 10 6 rainbow. The SB checks. The table had a lot of action. Every flop had been bet aggressively and the 3 callers were all part of the heavy betting. I figured I could hide the true strength of my hand by checking my trip aces even though I had raised pre-flop. To my (mild) surprise, it checked all the way around. The turn was a K. This is where I make the next bad assumption. I assumed that someone holding a K was scared by the ace on the flop and didn't bet. The flop with the king surely would cause someone to bet now right? So for the second time I check. And it goes all the away around. 

At this point I know I am going to dump a bunch of chips into the pot no matter what the river brings, but now there are a bunch of hands in play that can beat my 3 aces. I went from a sure thing to a big favourite. Still good right? right?!?

The river was a Q. I put in a bet about 3 times the pot and to my surprise it is only called. The caller had the J. I lose. and I deserved it.