The timing of the tournaments for the Skill league every 4 hours gives everyone in the world a basically equal chance to play in the tournaments. Despite that I have been finding it difficult to find the correct one to play in every day. 3 take place when I am at work and 2 that place when I should be asleep. That sure makes it seem like I was just lying because it sounds like there is only one that fits my schedule, right? Well here iit is at 4:45am and I am registering for the 5am local time tournament. This is the 4th day this week that I have gotten up at 4:30 to play in this tournament. Is it because I do better in this one that I do in the other tournament I play every day, in the evening? Maybe. That probably has something to do with it. I am not a morning person so no other explanation really makes sense to me.

The question is, what tournament are you playing every day, and why?