I just found out about the PokerSchool and the tournaments. Pretty good idea. I like the idea of ranking people in a fashion that reminds me of how they rank players in chess. The "skill' tournaments are interesting. It seems like every player just tries get all their chips in in the first 5 minutes which seems counter-productive considering how the rankings work. Especially since the payouts from these tournaments are so small. The first hand in each of the first 5 tournaments I played in had at least 2 players go all-in pre-flop. In one tourney, 6 players went all in. I think I am feeling bitter about getting bounced in the first hand by a vastly inferior hand. I went all-in pre-flop utg in the first hand (I know, I know, ironic isn't it?) with KK and the BB called me with KQo. This makes me about a 91% favourite? Q on the flop, still ahead, blank on the turn and naturally a Q on the river. I'll admit I threw all my chips in because I knew some loser would call me and I would likely be a huge favourite. And I did want this jerk to call me with the KQo. I am just bitter about not winning. Moreso because the ranking takes a hit as a result of the early exit. So I come here to whine, which is very productive. I guess I feel a little better.