$2.20 MTT Blinds are 800/1600. In the big blind with pocket 8s and 18xbb (28.6k) left, and I think I'm gonna shove all in. When the CO open raised for 2.5xbb with 70+bb left behind, the button 3-bet before me, shoving in his last 23k and the small blind folded.

There are 21 players left in at this stage. I'm sure it will be a 3-way pot if I shove, but is it worth it with 88? Bound to be up against overcards and possibly an overpair. 

Wasn't sure what to do, so folded, but going back over the hand later I'm beginning to think I should have shoved. If I lose I'd get $7.22 for 21st place, if I win I'd be 5th with around 100k and a chance at the top prize of $285.27.

As it was, I went out with AQ losing to AT in 14th for $13.44

Had it been just one villain, I think I'd be all in, but against two? Was it a big mistake to fold? All comments appreciated, and Merry Christamas to you all.