As I have sussed out this Hand Replayer lark, you can now re-live the full horror of my poker mishaps (and maybe the odd occassion when I run around with my arms aloft)

From the button, I raised a MP limper with QQ and get called by SB and MP. I had them both covered.

SB goes all in on 532 flop. Could I have folded?

SB had raised pf just once in 21 hands, and that was with jacks, so I assumed he didn't have kings or aces, as he didn't 3-bet pf. Thought he had smaller pocket pair, but not a set (or straight), as he would probably just check those.

Anyway, how wrong I was, and close to the money, I crashed out with 33 v T9 a few hands later. Sad face.

Again, should I really just fold my queens after that all in?