So the very next tourney wth blinds 125/250, I watch as someone with KK all in pf v AQ loses a 19k pot to the 3-outer and is out. The next hand the AQ guy is all in again, this time with 88 v AK and holds winning a 7.5k pot. 

Three hands later I raise 3xbb to 750 UTG with KK, and a different player shoves putting me all in for my 7k left. I thought for a bit and called, and was pleased to see he too had AQ, but not so much when he also hit his 3-outer. So that's me out. The next hand he is all in with 88 v AK for a 10k pot and his 8's also hold. 

Classic examples of big stacks winning against the odds.

Anymway, should I have folded my KK? Can anyone fold KK there? It was for almost 30bb. Should I just fold and keep my tournament alive? Dunno, but that seems a bit soft to me, though seeing KK lose like that twice in a few hands makes me wonder.

I mean really, how often are you gonna be up against AA?