MM010 $1 Rebuy NLH turbo

about 100 hands in 1h30min play
no pocket pairs, Ak once, AQ (x2)
Unplayable run of cards and I'm not into shoving and rebuying, shoving and rebuying with trash, so only rebuy once, then call it a day.


MM012 43.30 NLH Big Antes
10/20/5 Stack 5k

Hand 6 10/20/5 stack 4945
Ah7h in CO win pot stack 5035

Hand 10 15/30/5 stack 4990
min raise 4d5d in MP, CO 3bet to 180, I call, fold to bet on flop 79T stack 4805

Hand 15 15/30/5 stack 4720
call with A9 on button, flop 423, SB bet 90, BB fold, MP calls, I raise to 300 and win pot stack 5035

Hand 22 20/40/10 stack 4970
I call MP min raise with K6, i check call 80 on K77 flop, both check turn 2, I bet 220, win stack 5240

Hand 29 25/50/10 stack 5150
Raise to 150 in EP with KK, button shoves 3750, BB shoves 4770, I call and v 88 and AA, but a river K gives me the chips stack 13,605 first pocket pair I've had in ages and that happens!

Hand 30 25/50/10 stack 13,605
UTG shoves for 1520, I call with AQ from BB, UTG has A6, win stack 15,220

Hand 40 30/60/15 stack 15,060
call 180 raise with JJ in CO, BB comes along, flop T55, call MP 420 bet along with BB who snap called, Turn 7, MP bets 1080, I fold, and as i suspected, BB moves all in, showing 53 after getting the call from MP who has AT, and is knocked out. Stack 14,460

Break 55min Hands 44 40/80/15 stack 14,415 pos 816th/12763

Hand 52 40/80/15 stack 14,415

fold 66 to EP 4xbb raise

Hand 60 60/120/25 stack 13,765
Min raise with A4 in HJ, BB calls, bet 120 on 62K flop BB calls,  both check turn 3, BB bets 360 on river 5, I raise 900 and win pot, stack 14,745

Hand 82 100/200/40 stack 13,480
Min Raise with AK UTG, SB calls, bet 400 on TQ9 flop, SB check raise to 3k, I fold, stack 12,640

Hand 84 100/200/40 stack 12,400
MP limps, CO calls, I call with AQ in SB, BB checks, flop KJ9, BB bets 200, all call, turn A, MP bets 800, only I call, river 4, MP bets 1800 I call but he has A4. stack 9360

Break 1h55min Hands 90 125/250/50 stack 9060

Hand 91 125/250/50 stack 9060
Raise 750 with AK UTG win blinds stack 9835

Hand 92 125/250/50 stack 9835
call mp 750 raise with 75 in BB, fold to bet on flop 2J4 stack 9035

Hand 93 125/250/50 stack 9035
Button limps, I call in SB with 87, BB checks, flop 65J, i lead out with 625 and win, stack 9935

Hand 94 125/250/50 stack 9935
I raise to 625 with AA on Button, SB shoves 4450, i call, he has AJ, I win, stack 15035

Hand 99 150/300/60 stack 14795
Min raise with 55 UTG, win blinds, stack 15,725

Hand 101 150/300/60 stack 15,305
Raise to 750 with AA in SB, win, stack 16,145

Hand 115 200/400/80 stack 14,705
raise to 1K with AK in HJ, button shoves 8180, I call he has AJ, I win, stack 24.2k

Hand 121 250/500/100 stack 23.2k
AK in SB v BB who is all in for his last 34 chips with 34, win stack 24k

Hand 127 250/500/100 stack 23.1k
call MP 1.5k rasie with AcQc, fold to bet on 7T7 flop, stack 21.5k

Hand 128 300/600/120 stack 21.4k
55 in CO but fold to 3xbb EP raise, would have hit full house

Break 2h55min Hands 145 350/700/140 stack 21.1k pos 2407th/4408

Hand 160 400/800/160 stack 16.6k
call MP min raise with AcJc on button, I bet 3.2k on flop 3JA, win stack 20.6k

Hand 168 500/1k/200 stack 18.1k
min Raise on button with KQ and take blinds, stack 21.4k

Hand 182 600/1.2k/240 stack 19k ***************ITM*************

Hand 183 700/1.4k/280 stack 19k
min raise A6 in SB, win blinds, stack 22.6k

Break 3h55min Hands 207 800/1.6k/320 stack 11.2k pos 2025th/2131

Hand 209 1k/2k/400 stack 10.9k
all in pf with KsTs UTG, MP calls and has AA, no help and I'm out

finished 2047th/24816 for $7.44

4hrs 209 hands

Not bad but seemed to hit a wall half way through, missed a chance with 55 but how often should you go set mining with small pairs