MM001 $0.11 Rebuy NLH

Rebuys had ended.

After good solid poker this happened:

Hand 117 blinds 1000/500

Pre-flop. Middle position min raised to 2k, the cut-off called, and I shove my 23k stack with JJ in the small blind. Big Blind and MP fold and the cut-off, who has 24k, calls with 77. I'm a huge favourite but I'm out to 7 on the river. At the time the average stack was about 33k so I missed a good chance.

MM002 $1 Rebuy NLH

Safe solid start then this:

KK v AQ all in pre-flop but lose to A on river

Rebuy and build up a stack again then this:

KK v QJ all in on flop which did have two hearts and I lose to rivered flush.

These hands were still in the rebuy period and I was up against similar sized stacks, with the chance to win a big pot (almost twice the average stack at the time). So much for getting your money in good. Decided not to rebuy after this 2nd bad beat.

MM003 $3.30 NLH 6-max

Well by this point, though I tried not to be, I was on tilt and I pushed all my chips (4.5k stack when blinds were still small) into the middle with AQ on A2K flop, only to see that this time I was actually behind, as my opponent tabled AA, and with no miracle cards to help I was out.

So with that, I'm really looking forward to the next event MM004 $5.50 NLH Zoom.

Or maybe I should just go down the pub.