Tea and biscuits needed to calm my skin down.

Hand 39, blinds 40/80 and I get my Kings on the button all in, with just 1.8k left, against a 1.2k stack who has KJ UTG. I’m now up to 3.3k at the first break.

Card dead and back to my 3k starting stack with blinds 60/120. I can’t even see a cheap flop in position.

Doyle Brunson’s T2 in the CO would have made a flush, but I can’t call a pf 8xbb 3-bet, can I. Can I? No, best not.

Hand 78, blinds 125/250 and push my last 2.1k into the middle with AJc UTG, and the HJ re-raises all in with AA. Some luck for once, as I river a flush to put me on 4.8k just before the second break.

Hand 91, blinds are 150/300 and I have 3.5k left. I get Kings again on the button and raise the UTG+1 limper 4xbb, He calls and bets enough to put me all in on the 5J9 flop. He has QT but my Kings hold up. My stack is now 7.9k.

Hand 97. Now I get AJc in the BB, with a 7.2k stack and blinds 200/400. The guy from hand 91 limps in with just 2.1k left, and everyone else folds. Maybe I should just check and see the flop as it is likely he’ll call with anything there, but I put him all in and he calls with 53off and turns a 3. Right to put him all in?

Blinds are now 250/500 and I have 6.4k in hand 98. I min raise KJ in the CO and the BB goes all in for a total of 4.1k. I fold and he shows AKh. A few hands later I get AK UTG and with the blinds 300/600 I push my last 5k in pf and get called by JJ. A king on the turn saves me and I’m now on 11.7k.

Hand 120, blinds are 350/700 and I’ve got AQ and 9.9k, UTG+1 facing a min raise from UTG. I call and so does the BB. The 7AK flop is checked to me, and I bet 700 into 5.3k pot. BB folds and UTG check-raises to 2.8k. Maybe I could fold here as his play has not been too out of order from what I’ve seen but I call leaving 6+k behind. The turn is 4c, giving me a nut flush draw with top pair and he puts me all in. Again I could fold. We are near the money, so I could just wait but I call. He shows two red Aces, the 5 that comes on the river is not a club and the 22k pot slides over to him as I slide out in 460th place with the money at 414.

Another stack done near the money and I’m left wondering about how I played that last hand. Could I get away from it? Should I just fold that AQ and wait for the money, then get busy?