Not a good start with my JJ being beat on the river by A9 off getting the 4th heart for a flush, but back up to half my starting stack with KTh on the very next hand hitting trip Tens.

Stack 2.4k, blinds 50/100 and I 3-bet the UTG+1 raiser to 500 with KK in MP. HJ calls along with UTG+1. The flop is KA5 and I bet every street till I’m all in on the river and I’m called all the way by UTG+1, so I’m back up to 5.4k.

I get nines, sixes, nines, nines but am raised too much to carry on with them. I get 99 again UTG and min raise. Again the maniac on my left is all in and he has me covered but as he’s been doing all sorts with 74, Q8, A3, J8 etc and not even suited I decide to call, only for the first time in 38 hands, to see him with a decent hand, TT, and out I go.

Then in a regular $1.10 MTT, I get ITM and pick up Aces in the CO with an 8.6k stack and blinds 400/800. UTG raises to 2.4k, UTG+1 calls, I go all in and they both call. The 27.8k pot looks good but no luck as UTG with QTh turns a straight on a board of J9J85.

It’s enough to see my laptop go spinning through the window, but self restraint just about wins the day. I finish in 298th place for $1.73 instead of challenging with a decent stack for once, though at least a small step in the right direction.