After bombing out of MicroMillions 52 I feel the need to get it out of my system, so here I am in a 6-max, and it’s a very aggressive table.

Hand 28, with TT and a 3k stack in SB and blinds 25/50, UTG raises to150 and is called by UTG+1, me, and the BB. The TQK flop is checked by all. Turn K is bet by UTG+1 for 250 and only I call. River 6 and I bet the 1.1K pot and he calls with AJ. Could I have got more?

I then take a hit when a station turns A9 after I was ahead and betting with KJ on a 9TK flop.
Hand 56 I get 44 in BB with a 2.3k stack, blinds at 75/150. I call the CO pf min raise, check raise him on the Q77 flop and he folds.

Not hitting anything, and just surviving with the odd bluff.

72 hands gone and with nothing better than the Tens I had earlier I’m out when my AT is beat all in by AQ. Tough old game and out in 213th.