Watching The Terminator whilst playing an MTT is probably not a great idea, but hey I love that movie, and it’s not a film I have to concentrate on. This is basically a freeroll as I won the ticket in the recent WBCOOP.

Eight hands in and I get Jacks UTG. I raise 3xbb and get a call from 3 to my left. The flop is 292 so I bet three quarter pot and he raises me all in. He’s got me covered, and has played fast and loose so far, so I don’t give him much credit and call. This time he has AK but my Jacks hold and I’m up to 9,9k.

A few loose hands from me then I flop a set of threes and I’m up to 10.7k just as Arnie is sticking a scalpel into his eyeball.

I get 66 on the button and call an MP raise to 180. As my stack is 10.5k should I try re-raising here? I fold to his c-bet when the flop is over cards to my sixes.

I 3-bet an MP raise with AQ in HJ but then BB 4-bets all in, followed by the original MP raiser 5-betting, so I’m out of there. BB had kings.

Hand 67 and not showing the patience that maybe I should, I try opening from MP with 76h. The fast and loose chap 3-bets from the button and I call. The flop is K7K and I check raise, but he calls. Turn 5 and I bet half the pot, he calls. River 9and I put him all in and he shows me his Aces. A rather expensive semi-bluff crushed, just as Arnie’s metal head gets crushed in the power plant.
The very next hand, I double up with KQh making 2-pair and cracking slow played Aces. Had I shown some patience I would have been doubling to 18k instead of 3.7k. The next hand syndrome seems to be a speciality of mine.

On hand 76, I get KQ on a board with Q333 but my full house is beaten by quad 3’s.

Out in 6381st place and another lesson is hammered home. Be very careful with those big bluffs.