After a few days work, a few days of poker starting with MicroMillions 51 $2.20 NLHE Ante-Up Turbo Rebuy

Oops! What am I doing here? This is just bingo, trying to survive the rebuy period with the all in maniacs throwing lord knows how much money into the middle. I should not be in this with my BR. Losing all in against players who are just shoving with literally anything, and watching them get paid off, is no fun at all.

After TT v QT lost (guy had been nonstop all in with 34, 73, K5, etc), and then QQ v A3 & A7 (both playing as wild as the previous guy) losing, I decide to call it a day. I know rebuys are a lottery in the first hour, or however long is given, but this was just insane.

Ten double rebuys means you have already spent $42.20 ($44.20 if you rebuy from the off), and there was more than that going on. The chance to win big at the end is obviously there, but is it worth it? Not for me. I can maybe just about afford it if it was a $1 rebuy tourney, but realistically I’d have to cash as well.

Had any of my hands won, I’d play my normal poker and avoid the carnage until the add-on, but I probably should have just avoided the whole thing. You live and learn.

Anyhow, there’s a much more sensible $5 coming up, for which I have a SCOOP ticket I can use.