MicroMillions 22 $11 NLHE SuperKnockout (WBCOOP TICKET)

My 4th MicroMillions entry comes from winning an $11 SCOOP ticket in the recent WBCOOP, so it’s a bit of a freeroll.

Early on I have QJ hearts in the big blind with 5k and blinds just 15/30. The CO calls, the button raises 3xbb, and I call along with the CO. Flop is JTQ, I check, CO bets half pot, button folds, I call. Turn is a Jack; I check again, CO bets 450 into 585 pot, I call. River is 9 which is the third club. I bet the pot and he calls with K9. I wonder if I could have got more since he flopped a straight. On 7.2k.

My AK beats KQ on a K high board and I’m up to 9.5k.Then A2 on an A high board takes me to 11.1k.

A maniac now going all in every hand, 2 to my left. I know the EPT Live Freeroll has just started and wonder if he’s got his tournaments mixed up. He’s all in again for 5.2k. Am I really gonna call off half my stack with 55? Not this time. He’s up against AK and the flop comes JJ5. Oh well.

With an 8.5k stack and blinds 125/250 I get 99 UTG +2 and min raise. The 41k stack next to me has just sat down and won’t know about the maniac to his left. He calls. Maniac moves in for 11.8k. I call, the big stack folds, and I’m up against KT. My nines hold and I’m up to 18.2k.

I call a UTG min raise with KQ diamonds and the flop QQ9 takes me to 19.8k, with the blinds 150/300.

I’ve been watching the live stream of EPT 9 London for the last 6 days and Ruben Visser has just won. Well done to him.

A bounty of $5.25 comes my way. With a 15.3k stack and 300/600 blinds, my AJ UTG min raise gets a 4.4k all in shove from the HJ. I call the 3.2 extra and I’m racing against 33. A Jack comes on the turn and I’m up to 21.2k.

Two hands later I’ve got AA in small blind against the button all in with AK, and I’m up to 31.4k, plus I get another $5.25 bounty for the 2nd knockout.

I get 88 in BB with 32k stack and 400/800 blinds. The 52.1k stack UTG raises to 1980, the 41.7k UTG+2 calls, and I call. The flop is 8AT all clubs. I check, UTG bets 3.2k into the 7.2k pot and UTG+2 raises to 14.4k.Maybe this is where I should just fold but my set of 8’s has me thinking for a bit then calling. UTG folds and the turn is a red Q. With 39.2k in the pot UTG+2 goes 25k all in after I check, I call, but my set is beat by his set of Tens. Out in 5022nd place

Even though I had seen some very loose play by him, should I have just folded on the flop? Turns out I was just two rounds from the money, so I think that was a harsh lesson for me. Do your worst and leave some comments.

Won $10.50 from the knockouts but should’ve been more.