Well my 3rd MicroMillions seems to be just a bingo all in or fold event, and my donking luck is terrible, so I just wait for a good hand, and get Aces all in against A2 clubs on a flop with 2 clubs but my AA holds.

I fold 55 in MP to an early raise and to my dismay watch 995 flop, then turn 10, and river 5, which would have given me quads, with 3 other callers going all in. Amazingly though, the sb shows quad nines. Mad.

My next spot is first to act with QT on the button, so I’m all in with 4.3k, blinds are 350/700, and the big blind calls with 98, and I’m up to 9.7k.

With 9.2k I get TT UTG and decide to limp in, with blinds still 350/700, Folds to the sb who moves all in for 5.6k. Decisions, decisions. I decide to call but find myself up against QQ, so now down to 3.6k. Maybe I could have waited and kept 8.5k for a better spot.

What would you do with Tens in that spot with that stack in a turbo?

Now where can I but that book - 'How to donk like a luckbox' ?