Earlier in the day, I had satellited into MicroMillions 3 $3.30 NLHE 6-max, but went out early when I got TT all in on 9 high flop against A9, and the turn brought an Ace.

So this time round I decided to maybe play something like that a bit slower, trouble is, I didn’t get anything at all.

Nothing much for 2 hours then I get AT in the big blind and the button raises to 600. The blinds are 100/200, I’ve got 6.2k and make the call. The flop is AQT, and I check raise his 1.2k bet. He shoves all in for 5.5k, and after a bit of a think, I call and see his KK, which doesn’t get any help. Up to 12.9k.

Reach the money after three and a half hours but with only 5.5k after no cards. Eventually go out in 1535th place for $7.75, which is ok after 151 hands of total rubbish.