Calling with AQ is something I can never really work out. Early in a tournament, with blinds at 20/40, I have 5k and I get AQ in the small blind. UTG+1 raises to 120, then the button re-raises to 429. Is it an automatic call here (because of my stack size) as I have missed winning a big pot by folding?  I folded because usually AQ gets me nothing, especially 3-way. This time UTG+1 just called and they saw a Q32 flop, which would have tripled me up judging by their all in play afterwards.

Later I’m on 5.7k and get QQ UTG+2 with blinds 60/120. I raise the UTG limper to 480 and get called by the cut-off and the limper. The pot is 1755 and I flop a set with 7Q4, no flush but maybe a straight draw for one of them. I’m first to bet and I go with 480. Too small? Anyhow they both call. The pot is now 3195 and the turn is Js which brings a flush and more straight draws. Limper checks again and this time I bet 1320, not expecting too much action, but hey, what do I know. They both pile all in and I remember... oh yeah, this is the $1 midnight madness. I have them both covered, and call to show them the bad news. Limper has 87spades, and cut-off just has AQ, which is ironic considering what I just said about AQ. No spade falls so I’m up to 15.2k.

With 15.2k and 85 on the button, should I be calling two limpers when the blinds are125/250? Obviously loose but is it worth a trash call once in a while with a big stack. I folded but the flop was 467 with 2 hearts and the sb went all in for 11.5k.

Then I get AK in MP with blinds 250/500. I raise a limper up to 2k, and it’s folded to the sb who goes all in for 7k. I’ve got 10k left and, thinking this guy is a loose cannon, I call and I’m heads up against 33. I lose. Should I have folded?

A few hands later I get QQ in the cut off with blinds 300/600, and one limper, I raise all in for my last 3.5k and get called by the button, KK, and the limper, AA. Out I go just shy of the money. Did I really blunder with my AK?

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