Playing the WBCOOP, it occurred to me that simply writing about what I’m doing at the tables does force me to think a bit more about how I am playing, and may even lead to some improvements, especially if comments are left by others offering advice on when to fold, or when to have another strong coffee to keep me grinding.

So, I’ll continue blogging, because even if not many are reading, I’ll be thinking more about my game. Well, it’s a plan of sorts.

The Bigger $2.20
The blinds are 10/20. I call a limper with 85 diamonds in late position and the small blind also calls. The big blind raises to 60, limper calls, I call and the sb folds. The flop is Kc9dTd, so I get a draw and maybe a chance to win a big pot with it. The pot is 200 and the limper bets 80, I call and the big blind calls. The turn is 4c. The pot is 440 and the limper again bets 80. This time I raise to 230, the big blind calls and the limper folds. The river is 7h. The big blind checks a third time, but I’ve missed, so I try a stone cold bluff of 600 and he folds. I don’t normally get away with bluffs like that, and not sure if I played it right. Must investigate.

I get nothing else and no bluffing opportunities by the time we get to hand 83, and I’m down to 1.4k, with blinds at 75/150. I get 99 on the button and push all in. The sb calls, the big blind re-raises 2.8k all in with 85 hearts and is called by the small blind who has QQ. I get a lucky break as a 9 lands on the river to put me on 4.4k.

I get aces on hand 109 but everyone folds to my 3xbb raise. All in with TT with less than 10bb and everyone folds.

With A3 in the small blind, and with only 2k left and blinds at 300/600, I push all in and get called by the big blind who has Q9. He catches a 9 on the turn and I’m out in 955th place, just out of the money. Should I have just waited for the money, which was just 55 places away? Ah well.