So to WBCOOP event 30 NLHE and the first hand I get dealt is KK in the big blind. Everyone folds, then there is a late position all in. Everyone else folds to me and after a small prayer that he doesn’t have AA, I call and he turns over A5. There’s no help for him and I’m up to 6k already.

After that blinding start, there’s nothing much for an hour and half, and everything I do play misses, so I just sit and let the maniacs go at it, while I watch the live coverage of the first day of EPT London.

Hand 122. With a 4.6k stack and blinds 125/250, I get AK in middle position. One of the maniacs raises to 750 in early position. Any small raise would leave me with just over 10bb, so I push all in. He calls and this time he has got a proper hand and I’m in a race against JJ. There’s no help for me and I’m out in 204th place. I suppose I could have just called there and seen a flop, and still be alive. Feel free to comment if you think I should have played that hand differently.