Last night I made my 2nd cash in the WBCOOP, event 27 NLHE turbo. I don’t remember very much of it as there were a few friends round with beers and More Bad News was on the TV. In the circumstances I must have played reasonably well to make the money, while killing myself laughing at More Bad News, a very funny film it must be said.

I finished in 97th place and won a $5 SCCOOP ticket.

After a late night session on the sauce, I got up mid-afternoon and realised I had missed the WCOOP HORSE event 28. Also, I missed the Millwall v Blackburn FA Cup quarter final match which turned out to be a boring 0-0 draw.

Now while waiting for WBCOOP Event 29 NLHE 6-max to start, I watched the Man Utd v Chelsea FA Cup QF, hoping against hope that somehow Chelsea win the game. Within 11 minutes we are 2-0 down. Ah well that’s that over and done with, might as well get on with making a spaghetti Bolognese.

I’m also watching the live coverage of the London leg of the EPT, which started today, on my mobile.

By the time I finish eating, Chelsea have incredibly come back to 2-2 for a replay at a later date. So engrossed in the game, I missed the start of the 6-max. But play ok to finish in 78th place for my 3rd WBCOOP cash and another $5 SCOOP ticket.