WBCOOP Event #25 NLHE Deep Stack starts with half the table sitting out, so we steam through a ton of hands 5-handed.

Not good, getting outdrawn by calling stations after being ahead too many times, but AA gets me back to my starting stack just before the hour. Then AK diamonds flush on turn and the calling stations are finally paying me off, until my Jacks run up against AT and A3 flopping the 2-outer Ace to split the pot. So an hour gone and just over the 5k I started with.

No decent hands for the next hour, and anything played always missed. A donk bluffer doubles me up when my small blind J6o hits a six on the flop and he puts me all in with nothing. Then I push all in with QQ on the button and get called by the sb with AQ and I’m doubled up again, just as the second FA Cup Quarter Final, Man City v Barnsley gets underway.

A pair of Jacks UTG and everyone folds to my small raise. Break. With 3 hours gone, I have 6.4k, blinds are 200/400, and Man City are 3-0 up in 30 minutes. Game over.

I get a pair of Kings in the small blind, I 3-bet an MP raiser all in, and he folds. Then Queens UTG and everyone folds to my 3xbb raise.

Now Event 26 PLO Hi/Lo is starting and I get caller with my AK all in, in the Deep Stack who doubles me up to13.5k, then after 4 hours 20 minutes we hit the money. So that’s my Main Event sorted. I get another double up with AQ v A2 all in pf. A pair of Aces and I’m up to 23.7k by the next break in the Deep Stack. Also, I have learnt from my previous two Omaha disasters, and get through the 1st hour of that with 4.3k.

Bow out of the PLO in 201st place with my 6AA3 getting beat on the river (board – 4KA65) by 3623.

Then I shove 13.9k all in pf with KK in the Deep Stack against AK spades, but alas he flops an Ace and I’m out.

I finished in 44th place winning a SCOOP $11 Entry Ticket, plus gaining a place in the WBCOOP Main Event. Now for a few hours break until WBCOOP Event 27 NHLE Turbo. Now it’s time for some rock ‘n’ roll.