After a miserable start to my WBCOOP 2013 campaign, I’m going to try for a better performance in the midnight $1.10 NLHE. Always a bit of a minefield, loaded with pre flop all in bingo players.
AQ early on wins me a few chips, which are promptly given up when I have AK UTG up against 54 hitting a straight on the turn.

After an hour of trash I get the mighty 22 in LP and call a 4xbb raise from the big blind. One other caller soon folds on the 2KK flop while I just call the pf raiser c-bet. I call his turn bet, and re-raise him with all my chips on the river, which he calls and pays me off, showing JJ. 5K stack - blinds 40/80. Tens on my next hand sees me up to 6.6K in chips.

A new table, with a maniac chip leader on 32K. I river a straight with QJ diamonds, winning a 4.5K pot. 34 in the sb and the flop is 463. I bet and get one caller. The turn is a 4 and all the chips go in the middle. He shows 75 for a straight but my boat wins and I’m up to 16k (blinds 100/200).

Call a UTG+1 raise with AQ clubs and the flop comes Q8A. I call his c-bet, and when the turn is a 2, he check raises me for all his chips with AT. 23K blinds 200/400.

AK in the big blind loses me 7K v 88 all in. Nothing for an hour then double up to 23k with AJ v A7, then AA next hand loses 3k to the same player all in with T9 diamonds. Typical. Lose another 5k with A5 clubs against an all in QT clubs rivering a ten.

With J5 in the big blind the flop comes 522, so I push my remaining 10bb in, only to be called by the small blind, who has A2.

Finished 119th for $3.13. Time to get some sleep and hope for better in the WBCOOP NLHE Deep Stack tomorrow afternoon.