Time for my 2nd WBCOOP event, #23 NLHE Big Ante.

Nice start with pocket sevens hitting a board of 7AQQ2 and taking the entire stack from guy playing QT.

Get dealt kings and aces but no callers. End the first hour on 6.5k and still feeling the effects of last night’s gig by The Darkness rattling around behind my eyes.

A3 in the big blind catches a flop of 3T3 and adds another 1k to my stack. The blinds are 20/40. No hand for the next hour until AK has 4k of my chips in the middle up against AA on a board of TK379. Down to 33 big blinds.

Fold A7 in small blind to a big raise, only to see 5A7 flop.

Can’t just sit with a dwindling pile, but I have no luck with any hands played. AT misses the flop, 77 gets beat by over cards, JT hearts has QK4 on flop for a draw but no further help, K9 spades has T7J on flop for a draw but again no help, which leaves me shoving with QJ against 88, He gets an 8 on the flop.

You finished the tournament in145th place. Thank you for playing.