How to suck at poker and still want to play.

Never seen this WBCOOP before, so now I have to blog to go to the party in two days time. Mmm... What to blog about?

Well, it is late afternoon, and I’m still in bed recovering from a very, very late night. It’s all just downhill from here. Might as well write as I go. With KK beat by AX no less than 3 times in the space of 25 hands the other day, still fresh in the memory, I get set for more bad beatings starting with the 4pm $1.10 MTT. OK, so it’s 4.45pm and I enter late anyhow.

Entering a tournament late inevitably means playing catch up, and already the blinds are 50/100, my starting stack 2k. 9 hands in, with KQ in late position, I call the SB min raise. Q high flop, turn is a blank, and all the chips go to the middle. He has AA. “You finished the tournament in 2007th place. Thank you for playing.” Such a lovely message, thank you but you’re out, now shove off and let the poker players play.

Just time for egg soldiers before the 5.30 $1.10 6-max.

It’s only hand #3 and all the chips are in the middle. We both turn over Q8 on a flop of Q83.
No eggy soldiers today as the bread was off. Damn you cheap Sainsbury’s own brand bread. So made a Fuzz special veg curry with rice. Nothing special happening in the poker, sitting with average stack 2hrs in. Unbelievably, the Chelsea FA Cup game is not on the TV, so have to find a live stream online. Success. Look down at my phone and see yet another 45 off, so back to the footy where it’s 0-0.

KT off. Not seen a hand for ages so this looks better than it is. Fold in the face of a raise when we are 3 from the money. So reach the money with 11 bb left and 400 players remaining.
Raise from early position with 33 get called down to river but they hold. Living off scraps here, so I try something with T9s utg, which misses everything.

TT on the button is the best hand of the tournament for me, after 3hrs of play.  I’m raised all in and have 5bbs left, Must call. He has QQ. “You finished the tournament in 327th place.  Thank you for playing.”

Feeling flush now that I’m $0.05 up today, and things improve as Ramires slams the ball home. 1-0 to Chelsea.

Think I’ll take a break from the poker and go to see a friend’s band playing down the road. 2-0 to Chelsea and we are through to play Manchester United in the quarter finals. All in all, better than your average day.

Oops, just noticed the blog has to be about my best PokerStars moment, and I’m not sure there is one.