Sept 8th - $1.10 NLHE [$2K Guaranteed]
Win $0
Hand 10. My AA early on got stopped by a flop of KK2. It's quite psossible I was bluffed into folding my A's by my opponent, going by his later play.

Hand 47. Raised AQo UTG and was re raised 10x bb so folded.

Hand 50. How often should you call / raise on the button with trash? Had I made a simple call here with Q2, would have hit a full house on the flop. 

 Hand 51. Having just missed that full, when the bluffer from earlier moves all in from the bb, it  cost me 1/3 of my stack to call with A2s. Should I have left this alone?

Hand 52. Raised AK and was re raised by same guy who had earlier re raised my AQ. Again it was 10x bb. This time I go all in, he calls with 88, and out I go. Maybe I should have folded yet again, though I do also wonder if his re raising as much as 10x bb with a pair of 8's is good play.