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Its Poker Sunday I didn't play yesterday. I caught another movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I really enjoyed it. I enjoy Wes Anderson movies. They are really striking. After the film, I joined some friends to see Andrew W.K which really made my night. i was having a sub-par day all day but the movie date, and the show really made my night. AFter the show, I caught up with a bunch of friends whom I don't see as much as I would like, and it was beautrful.

So, yeah, it's poker sunday but I have to pick up my vehicle at some point, and The Walking Dead Season Finale is on tonight so I need to ensure I'm avalable to watch that. I wanted to put an exclamation mark in there but for some reason, it isn't working. So, just picture an exclaimatory sentence when discussing The Walking Dead.

I have busted out of two tournys so far, A 4.40 8 handed and a 1$ rebuy satty. I rebought twice but decided where its a satty that I should not put too much in.I'm not going to lie. I had just woken up and was stil feeling the effects of last night and really just wanted to throw netflix on. Plus, I didn't do my get focused today blog entry and had yet to eat.

Now that those issues are corrected, I'm going to play two more tournys and call it in. They would be:

$4.40 NLHE [4 MAx, 1,000 Cap], $2K guarenteed, and

$4.40 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super Knockout], $1K Gtd;

I have recouped $1 already in the knockout. I did well last time I played 52/3309 or something like that. Check my previous entry for more exact numbers. Anyway, i did well so I'm going to try again and see what becomes. With regard to the 4-handed. I just love four handed tournaments. I have yet to do well in them, but I'm sure they will come in due time.

As always, any future results/blogging will be posted after the ----------