What will be I listen to today? I'm thinking about this song right now:




[youtube link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybUFnY7Y8w&list=PL0FB9262CF878A34A]


I was trying to remember the band and song last night but I just couldn't as as soon as I started typing this up, my brain fired the proper synapses together and here it is.

I am not doing as well in the PSO qualifiers as I should be. I get too aggressive with completely unpredictable players. The lack of table chat really gets to me as I mentioned in my last post. I thought people were here to learn and discuss. I guess thats for forum talk. However, I feel a real live playing environment would work better for learning. I digress.

I keep getting destroyed by players flat calling raises with strange hands. I feel like the amount of a raise really shouldnt factor when you're playing q-8 OS middle position but  I guess I need to raise a little higher. Especially early when raises are negligible to some people. Aside from that, I feel pretty good.

I played the big 2.20 again last night but was horrible exhausted when i clicked register so I basically threw my money away. Well, I overplayed AK nut flush draw and JQ stuck me good, but I was more relieved to bust when I did instead of playing hours on end and bust just short or just after the money. I truly would not have advanced far. I didnt have the mental stamina. I'm unsure what today will bring. Its a dedicated poker night so I expect to play maybe 10-15 tournament, at least. I looking to cash in five. thats my goal. 30% ITM tonight with hopefully one big cash. I'm currently 1/8 since resuming blogging so I'm due for something. I still feel confident that I'm playing well, and to the best of my ability so we shall see what the night brings.

I saw the movie Noah last night. I will say the acting was incredible but I believe Darren Aronofsky was smoking the same peace pipe that Terrence Malick smokes from. There were strange cut scenes that were too choppy and I'm certain he was rolling with some stop-motion for a bit. Overall, I would give it a seven, at best. I think I'm being generous. I hope it does well, though. because I love Russell Crowe, and Ray Windstone. Jennifer Connelly was phenomonal and Darren Aronofsky does make solid 9-10/10 movies. 'Tony Hopkins was a gem in his brief scenes. With this whole biblical movie trend, I think Christian Bale may steal the top dog award with his upcoming Ridley Scott flick.

I don't know what I'll playing today. I'm sure readers are sick of me talking about anything and everything but poker, but it keeps me on the level, so stay with me.



well, I played two tournaments today, a $4.40 progressive super jackpot. Its late and I have to work in the mornging so I dont have time to throw down some hand replays but suffice to say, I finished 52/3309 ppl for roughly $30. I was happy with my play. I busted myself out, but I was getting shortstacked at the time, and I was trying to represent an Ace to a guy that had JJ in the pocket and wasn't letting it go. He, in turn, called me a fish as I left the tournament which I thought was pretty crappy. I knew he didnt have the ace, and I tried to repesent. Oh well. 52nd place is quite well. The guy eventually made it heads up on the FT. I watched them argue over chip chopping and how the other guy wanted 20 more dollars. Villian said no, and it ultimately cost him $400 dollars total because he finished second and lost the two bounties they had. His Bounty was 200 alone.

I next entered a five-dollar hyper-turbo because a friend said he was entering it. His laptop decided to do an auto-update and he missed the registration. I played typical hyper-turbo tourny and finished 35th place out of what I believe was 630ppl. I can't remember. I will show you a key hand here because a) it would have changed my whole tourny, and b....what the $%^# is it with Supernova luck. I get they play massive amounts of poker, but come on. This call was ridiculous. I don't care if he had one bet remaining. I understand it was a chance to win a huge pot but you have to catch HARD to win, and it's just stupid...really stupid.


so yeah, take your million vpps and shove it. stop ruining us microstakes players tournaments and enjoyment.

2/2 today which puts me 3/9? roughly? I can't remember now. I'm gonna say I'm hovering around the 30% itm mark. thats pretty sweet. I won't be playing tomorrow. If I end up blogging, it will be a daily life blog so I warn y'all ahead of time.


be safe. be well.