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I ultimately went 1/5 last night cashing in the big 2.20. I finished 350th place for approx. double my buy-in. I played really well. Any mistakes were minor and I eventually just went card dead. I was sitting on fifteen BB and I limped with AJ UTG and called the Buttons 2-bet. I checked called him down and he showed A-2 for a pair of deuces. I probably should have pulled a stop and go there, perhaps but meh. Shortly after that from the BB, I folded AQ to what would have been a three handed all-in. Again, I probably should have shoved even though I was marginal at best. The two hands showed 10-10 and A-9. I would have completed a straight on the river and tripled up, shooting me to about 50BB with 360ppl left. I finally busted in the SB with AJ. Dealer called my all-in with A9 and rivered a 9.I played well, I got unlucky, could have played those marginal hands a little more aggressive but I wasn't concerned with coinflips. I made a lot of notes in this tournament. Hopefully I run into these players again and can continue making notes until I get a good idea of their playing style. I have been toying with Hold'em manager, but I can't really do a HUD. It confuses me. Maybe in the future, I'll get a few friends to show me how they use them.

Today, I don't think I'll be playing too much. I intend to take in a movie tonight hopefully. I need to check the listings for what's being released this weekend. I'll probably play some .05/.10FL 6-handed. I like that game. I can beat up on it rather well. Its an extrememly loose game which usually frustrates me, but I have opened my range a little and it's working out.


I played a PSO qualifier last night. The 1.00 ones? I was hoping whereas everyone is a PSO member that more people would be chatting, perhaps even open discussions. instead I got donked by a-9 out of position against my AJ. Why is A9 such a strong hand? Perhaps I have been out of the game too long and hands played are different. I have noticed that the cutoff tends to make the steal more often these days then the button. The game is changing. Boy, is it ever. So, I didnt last too long in the PSO qualifier. I think its because I just didnt take it seriously. I won't be playing any of the opens. They just seem way too ridiculous.


Anyway, off I go. I shall be starting with $3.30 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super-Knockout], $1 K Gtd, and a Premier Skill League qualifier again. I think these will be my only two tournaments today.

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well, I'm out of the knockout, I did manage to get one bounty which halved my buy-in, so that was nice. I hit an open ended straight flush draw with K-10 on the button to a guy that was playing super LAG. I bet pot in it, and he flat called. we checked turn and he bet me on the river to which I flatted with a pair of tens. he turned a set of threes and that left me with two bets. I shoved next hand with K7speades but  I was a goner. JJ took it down. ITM was shortly coming up too. I like these little progressive bounties. They're exciting.

I just busted in the PSO qualifier. I was sitting with a little less then 20BB and decided to stop-and-go with AJ. Unfortunately, villian played Q8? I dunno why, but he thought it made sense in that situation. I shoved into his queens, and I'm out. Oh well. I stand by my decision there. I have lasted longer in my second tourny then tourny one so thats a bonus.

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I'm going to check out what movies are playing this weekend. If I can't find anything worth watching, I'll a couple more. Like yesterday, I'll leave the results until tomorrow unless I hit something fun.

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