While playing today, we will be listening to:



[youtube link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYJBcr1LDg4]

I must warn you, it's the complete soundtrack but OH SO WORTH LISTENING TO.

I have yet to sit so expect an edit to this post later. I don't like making two seperate blog entries so if you see this:   ------------------------------------  <- it will indicate that anything posted after has been an update.

I'm feeling good. Well, mentally that is. Physically, I just devoured a McDonalds double big mac meal and I feel like crap. I'm sure that will pass once my body gets processing faux nutrients again. I'm excited for once, like really excited to begin this journey. Blogging on PSO really calms me down and helps me maintain focus.

In my last entry, Dr. Donkin (http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/blogs/DrDonkin) mentioned I should not focus on hitting goldstar but stay concentrated on BR management as it clearly my achilles heel. Duly noted, good sir. I'm making my deposit this monday in the form of $500. That should let me play .50/1.00FL Hold 'em? That gives me a BR of 500BB. I don't know. I'll probably play .25/.50. Any advice is greatly appreciated, especially regarding the .50/1.00 HU Hold 'em. I like action, see. Maybe that's the real tragic flaw. As George C. Scott says to Paul Newman in 'The Hustler' "you're a born loser, Eddie". Eddie gets him in the end, though. Although it did take a woman's death to put him on the right track. If I spoiled that movie for you, I don't care. It came out in 1961. Did Jackie Gleason win any awards for that? Even for a 60' movie, you can see true calibre acting from him. I should look into it. Regardless, I'm getting a friend to stake me $50 early because I'm too excited to play. I'm gonna let the Daft Punk drown out any other ambient noise and give poker a true college try. Again. Haha.

Here goes nothin'


 I'm beginning my journey today with the $4.40 NLHE[4-max, 1,000 cap]., and the $1.35 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Knowckout], $6K gtd.

10 hands into the knockout, I'm out. Quite unfortunate, but so be it. Villian limps w/ A9 out of position and calls a four bet raise, and pushes me all-in while behind on the flop. He catches trips on the turn and I'm out. Needless to say, I played it right, or so I think. Here's the hand for a visual enjoyment.

I'm an hour and a half deep into the four-handed and sitting just above average stack. I'm making decent folds like this:



Which isn't even that hard of a fold, but I'm obviously glad I was able to. I should have probably let it go pre-flop but I thought that if I were to hit the flop hard, I would be tripling my stack. Then, of course, there are always random hands like this that make me feel good. No thinking needed.

So, I'm running real well, but as always with me, there is a bad play that makes or breaks a tourny, and for your enjoyment, here it is:

Way to overplay an unpaired hand. I thought he was holding AJ to be honest. I don't know where that idea came from. I was just stuck on the idea he was playing AJ, and boy was I wrong. I don't understand his four-bet call there. I mean, if there was another player in the pot, sure go for it, but HU, it doesn't really seem right. Post-flop, I was so confused with his push that I snap called with my gut feeling of him holding AJ. Regardless of what he was holding, there was no reason to go toe-to-toe with nothing. I lost with top pair the very next hand which was unfortunate because there was about 120 or so ppl left and 64 ITM and I was comfortably above average chips and playing solid. As I said, it only takes one stupid decision to break a tourny after countless right ones. Sometimes good decisions lose, and I'm ok with that. I just really hate busting myself out of  a tourny. I just feel....yucky.

Anyway, I'm happy with my overall play in both tournys. One mistake but I knew it even as I was calling. I really went with a gut feeling that was ultimately wrong so I need to relax on those a little and continue my push. I'm gonna play a few ring games to calm meself down and perhaps play something else tonight. I won't be blogging anout that one unless I cash and get excited and want to share the news.


Thanks for reading,