Well, what has happened this past year? My sharkscope stats plummeted to the depths of Hades. I'm pretty sure at one point there was a fish bowl swimming next to my name. I made a bunch of deposits, a few cashouts, but ultimately, last year was very unprofitable. I stepped away from the game, because ultimately I wasn't having fun, and it was costing me too much money to not have said fun.


I felt a stong desire to return so this month, I reset my sharkscope stats so I wouldnt feel so depressed and started playing again with a very limited bankroll and continued right where I left off, losing. Needless to say, I have been left wondering if that fishbowl was indeed meant for me, or am I just lost?

So, whats the plan? Its a three-fold approach.

1) make one and only one deposit starting today to last at least six months.but hopefully forever <- During my hiatus, I returned to my second hobby, billiards and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I play regularly still and it costs me far less money, so should my next deposit dry out, it's time to hang up the cards for a while.  That leads me to no.2


2) Learn proper bankroll management. <-- If you look at previous blog posts of mine, you will quickly learn that I'm a gambler, not a poker player. I mean, I like to believe I'm good at poker, but I have a nasty habit of playing way beyond my means and varience swings bust me. Everytime....EVERYTIME. Suffice to say, in order to achieve goal one, I need to learn goal two. Perhaps I should switch the two up. 


3) Achieve Goldstar. <-- I would like to be a Supernova Elite in all seriousness, but lets look for the nearest unattainable goal first and start there. That is the almighty goldstar. Bane of my existence. I have lost countless money trying to multi-table far too many tables for my curent abilities just trying to squeak out a gold star. I hit it once, a few years back. But that was a time I turned thirty cents into 1100 bucks and promptly lost it playing 30/60 Razz. I may have spoken about it in a previous post. I can't recall, it's been a long time. Suffice to say, I wish to get back to Goldstar but do it properly. I'll be starting the April Month at Silverstar which is fun, but I want to hit Gold. And upward from there.

Anyway, that is all I have for today, I will update frequently, hopefully daily with news. I like to open my blogs with a yourtube link to whatever song I'm listening to at the moment, but I'll leave that to my next posts when I actually talk resutls.


Blog One:

Starting BR: $0.25

Fpp's: 211

Expect fpp's to drop as I enter the 70 fpp satellite to the sunday storm. I'm unsure if I'll do this yet because I may make a deposit. We shall see.


Until next time,

be safe and be well.



update: lost my quarter, deciding if I should try and satellite or make a deposit.