My blogging has never been to teach anyone how to play. hell, I'm no pro. I can't teach. Its been over a year since my last post because life intervened and the little time I did have for poker, I didnt have for blogging.


HOWEVER, since stopping blogging I have done nothing but lose lose lose lose lose. I lost all my focus and patience. Part of the blame was trying to force poker into timeslots that didnt allow for poker. I found myself playing heads up cash or hyper-turbo sng's. Frankly, that's just gambling at it's purest. The skill factor (however small) is completely negated. I'm hoping blogging again can pick me back up.


I had a few friends here on PSO the last go around, and I hope they're still here. Here's to hopefully getting into the black. I would link ACDC back in black right now, but I hate ACDC.


Goodluck friends.