I completely went back to my roots pre-PSO yesterday and Im imploded upon myself. I lost 75% of my BR and continuously played MTTS waaaay larger then my BR would dictate. Im a little embarrassed to say the least. I lost all control and composure I had learned and gained since joining PSO and frankly I'm a little unsure of what to do. I still have more then my original deposit left plus the cashout actually leaves me in the plus on this deposit regardless if I blow through it or not, but I was kinda determined to actually make this last and stretch and build up and play larger games and cash out on a regular basis. I wanted to be a profitable poker player on a regular basis.

So, I'm going back to the basics again. Gonna watch a few BR management videos. Does anyone know how to curb boredom? I think that was my problem. After having a quick chat with Gallon1 today, he mentioned that it was probably the case. Im inclined to agree. I was weary of grinding safely.

Anyway, enough of the 'wet boots' chat. I havent gone broke; today is a new day; tomorrow will still come.