I like to open the blogs with a song of the day so people can listen to the song while they continue reading through whatever it is i have to write for the day. So, with no further ado,

Im starting today with my HU hyper-turbo run again. Insofar, I've won 6 in a row. So, no matter what happens, I'll be minimum +1 at the end of the session. That feels good. My five loss strategy in play here. Wins don't count unless they're counteracting a loss. This means that so far, I'm actually even on the session, as far as strategy is concerned.

I played a 2.20 turbo already, made a raise with 9-10 suited from early position and the blinds called. I played the hand because:

a) I wanted to
b) its my favourite hand
c) it was kinda early in the turbo, and chippin up quick is a common turbo strategy
d) I wanted to
e)I wanted to

I flopped a flush, and the blinds both shoved so I insta-called and tripled up. About five hands later, and I'm in SB, everyone limps and I have A7 (I dont know whats going on, but after that horrendous beat in the FT of the rebuy yesterday, I've had A7 a couple times and played it exactly like the donk who called me last night). I limp in and the BB checks. I flop an Ace, and instead of betting or checking and raising, I just open shove. The BB snap calls, and everyone else folds. He turns over A8 for two pair, and I'm a huge dog. I turn a 7 which gives me two outs, but cant peel a cooler on the river, and Im back to where I started. I'm terribly upset with my play there, and I think I need to take a nice long breather and smack myself in the face. Im still tilted over that A7 call last night, and its got me playing the same horrible hand. Anyway, I hope the embarrassment of donking my chips and telling you all about it can put my head in check.

Im playing a PL Omaha tourny here now, and I was doing ok, but got into a blind battle with 8-9-10-10 double suited. The BB ahd J-J-7-8 so we were looking for each others cards. His jacks held up, believe it or not, and I got zinged. Then another player threw salt in the wound by announcing "You guys suck". i told him to bugger off, as he wasnt in the hand and had no vested interest into the pot.

Im all about banter and chatter at the tables. It sucks to see it so limited in live poker these days. The WSOP really curbed that, and the WPT and other PT's quickly followed suit. From what I see on the television anyway. i love to talk, and get playful chatter on the go. |I also love to vent when someone makes a stupid play on me and I catch it but get donked away on the turn/river. Its a double edged sword.

Well, thats day 23 of my poker run since joining PSO.  I'm still playing obviously, and will perhaps make a day 23 cont. later tonight if things go well.

I cashed in my last two tournys before bed last night. simultaneously. that felt nice to be playing ITM in two tournys at the same time. Helped cover some losses too, or losses due to cashing out etc.

GL, have fun, see you at the tables.