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This is the catchphrase for most poker players. I dont have much to say today. I cashed out a large portion of my BR so I could get tickets to Tom Petty. This was a +EV move for me. Its a safe play, and a freeroll concert. I'm happy with that.

As for poker today, well.....I played a bunch of HU hyper-turbos, and the graph went up-down-up-up-up-up-down-down-down-down-down-down....etc. It was crazy, I finished up about ten bucks I think. I dont
remember. maybe I can stick my sharkscope graph in here. let me check. Damn......
Well, I started at 60 bucks for total SNG profit margin. over 35 HU hyper-turbos, it went up to 120 and down to 80. Hahaha. Im not a pro, only played 350 sngs, and Im not exactly concerned that i just gave that info out publicly lol. Its going to look like netflix recent stock moves for quite a while until I get a couple thousand games under my belt. My MTT graph looks the other direction but I dont really care. Im not in the red overall (including cash games) so thats a good thing.

The blog isnt typing the way I want it to. I keep pressing the enter button, but it just creates spaces after the end of the blog and I cant make paragraphs without a lot of messing around and I'm getting tired of it so dont expect correct paragraphs from here out.

After my dose of SNG's, I played a 4.40, 2R1AO. I got in for the 16 dollars or what not and made the cash. 7 places paid. I was playing super tight aggressive poker, and I wanted to steal the blinds the BB. IE. I didnt really want to see a flop, and I was huge, but I just wanted to take it down at this point and move on the next hand, so I shoved from the BB with only the SB limping-everyone else folded. Here's the hand in detail.

I dont normally complain too much, because poker is poker, and most mistakes lately have been learning experiences on my part. I remember complaining about about my FT play in an earlier blog, and this seems almost like the same mistake I made last time, but i was in a different position and knew bloody well I had him dominated. Alas, the poker gods have stricken me once again. Anyway. four hours of my life gone, and 5 dollars profit to show. wooohooo. I'm gonna play something else before i go to bed. Im not sure what it will be. The BR has taken a hit. thanks tom petty. hahaha. I still have cash to burn though and am still over what my initial investment was. Yay. PS, I cashed out my redeposit! wooohooo! Freerollin my bankroll.