I've been playing with 1moredonkeyy a lot today. We're hitting and missing tournies. I've broken even on the day thus far thanks to a 6th place in HOSE tourny again, and a 108th place in a 2.00 turbo. Both cashes came to about 30 bucks, and with the other tournys and small rebuys, I broke even. I'm getting closer to hitting that big win. Or a small win, or any win at all.

My FT play is lacking considerably. I dont know what to think really. I need to hit up PSO for some answers. The jumps are so big, that playing tight would be favourable, but I, honestly, loosen up considerably at the FT. Maybe I should play LAG poker but with correct hands and position ahhaaha. I dont really know what I'm doing.

I busted out of a tourny with 6-9 in the BB. I was protecting my blind to a guy who five times in a row raised from the cutoff. I flatted in the BB, and flopped two pair. he shoved so I called all-in. Opponent turns over K-8os. Im so happy. he has nothing. turn card is a 7 and river 5. UGH. That double up would have put me into final 3 table range guarenteed. Oh well. 1moredonkeyy questioned my preflop call, but no matter how many times I look at it, it was not a bad move. I knew my cards, well I figured my cards would be live, and the fact they were both clubs gave me a little more confidence to see a flop with it. What sucks about it all is that the last time he raised me, I had 22 and folded, and I would have quaded up both literally, and stacksize. 4ppl got involved in the pot. Sad times indeed.

Anywho, BR is resting at the same spot it was when I jumped on stars about 5hrs ago. Im taking a break, getting some food, and we'll see whats up later.

cheers everyone.