first, as always, :

Well, I'm 20 days in now, and things continue to look promising. I wrote in my blog yesterday about making FT in a 3.30 rebuy, but coming 9th for a small gain vs the 5k first prize. I'm not worried though. I know I'll keep growing. PSO has helped me w/ patience, and the most important (to me anyway), BR management. I've said all this before, but I feel like I should continue to throw BZs at PSO for the help, both direct and indirect.

Today is Monday so that means its also Pool league night. I dont think I'll be playing tonight and due to time constraints, I'll just be playing HU hyper-turbos for the next hour or so, and then I'm gone for the night.

I registered for all the 1st days events of the micromillions challenge. It cost me a cool 24 dollars but I assume I can win some of that back, if not all of it and then some. I dont know how many of these tournaments I'll be playing, but I hope to play most if not 60% of them. There's a PCA package for player of the series, and I intend to give it a run for the money. Its going to cost close to 600 dollars to play all 100 tournaments (which I cant do) but if I dont hit a couple nice cashes, the series can do some real damage for people who want to play as much as they can, so everyone-although they're micro-tournys, STICK to your BR management principles! Yes, they're cheap. Yes, they're exciting, but they should be no more exciting then every other tournament you play. In fact, considering the amount of entrants there will be in all of these, I would even suggest being even more careful. You have to be extremely lucky to knock one of these down. That being said, I should disclose the fact that I'm probalby gonna risk it all during this series. Im super excited (did i already say I registered for all events on day one?)

Anyway, Good luck everyone today! March is going to be a real doozy for Pokerstars, and hopefully all you in PSO that are going to playing. See you at the tables!