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Quietly playing today with a couple friends. Nothing major to report.
70th in the big 4.40 for 40 bucks. I made a couple key errors in the final 20hands I played that caused me my tournament. The final hand had my A10 vs JJ in which Im majorly ahead on the turn but my opponent hit a jack. I had a couple tourny bust outs with my pair vs AK. It was getting kinda frustrating because I was on the button and the BB had the AK or AA or KK. Despite my frustrations, I kept cool and went to 70th place in the tournament. Thats DEEEEEEP. I'm kinda sad about my finish but happy that I got a 40 dollar cash from it.

My BR is currently resting above 300 dollars now. Thats exciting. My 90 day goal of hitting five hundred is so close, and only after 15 days of play. Despite the one reload, I'm still happy and playing confidently lately.

I haven't played many tournys with 1moredonkeyy lately, and that kinda saddens me. He's been on teh rail and supportive, but I've just been really burned out and basically on autopilot. I'm taking this opportunity to apologize and rest assured I'll be playing later.

Shiiva-diva is another person of interest. She's been commenting on my blogs a lot and supportive as well. However, I havent witnessed her at the tables, so our PSO relationship is strictly in the blogs.

Anyway, 70th place in the big 4.40! Whoooop.

Cheers everyone,