Song of the day: A song from a friend of mine

I didnt blog yesterday as I was kinda rushed after my stint at the tables. The recap is that I blew through half my BR again, and am backwards at $20. I think I overplayed myself as it was 11 straight days of 5+hrs a day with at least two of those days being 15hr days staring at a monitor. So, my lesson here is to pace yourself. BR management is one thing. The next stage is setting a pace. I set a pace of achieving 500 in three months. well, approx. 150/month would have been my goal. I still have this goal despite the set back. I will amend it approprately though. perhaps 400 is an achieveable goal.

We'll have to see how today plays out. Im considering redepositing for safe measure. Im still weighing it out, and will decide soon. If I do, I'll put on 150 and play from there, maintaining what I learned from PSO.

Not much to say as I just opened the laptop. Will update acordingly as always. Check back often.
Cheers, Gerard.