First, Song of the day: Sail- AwolNation

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Day ten has approached. The BR took a hit last night and I'm down to 51 dollars. I donked of a couple tournaments due to severe Tilt, but luckily I had enough resolve to quit. I now understand why you need such high number of buy-ins to regularly enter MTT's. The varience is insane! Playing the big 3.30, I , literally, got smacked in the face with the deck. AA,KK, QQ, only to bust out short of the money due to being card dead. I talked about this in Yesterdays entry. Im taking some evaluation time while listening to some music and perusing through the forum etc. We'll see if I can rebound. I'll be playing the 1-dollar Sng's today, If anyone wants to play with me.

I must add here that being friends on PSO/pokerstars and showing support for one another is one thing. However, the end result is always to be profitable, and if a said friend joins tables, or you join theirs, the game must be played with profitable intent. Otherwise, just rail. I was in a strange situation yesterday that could have been misinterpreted as colluding just due to friendly banter. I promptly called the situation out and apologized to the table as it was clearly not my intent. Note: I was the recipient of the friendly banter, and not actually participating in it, although i was in the hand. I hope the table understood and i dont get an email from PStars saying Im cheating. Alas, who knows-only time will tell. The incident only happened once, and I assure it won't happen again. So, as a note to players. Be friendly, and join tables if you want to play your friends, but the goal is to win chips, even from them.

Anyway, off to start Day10  with a slightly heavy heart due to the two steps backward I took last night.
Cheers and GL everyone